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Skill Development and OS Recruitment

Filed under: Health & safety jobs — admin @ 10:30 am February 3, 2012

A career in occupational health can be incredibly varied, particularly in terms of things like skill development and career paths. The diversity of health & safety jobs is perhaps the most significant factor attracting candidates to health and safety vacancies.
One of the central features of any truly satisfying career is typically skill development. Adding to your skill set in a continuously evolving sector like health & safety jobs can open doors, broaden horizons and simply add to the effectiveness of your job performance.

Working towards health and safety vacancies in a specialised area can be a fantastic tool for career progression. For example, child safety, offshore industrial work, marine safety, working with hazardous chemicals etc, are all areas within which specialist H&S training is essential.

Enhancing Your CV
For those starting out in the H&S arena, CV development and skill development go hand in hand. We advise novice clients to take every opportunity to develop their skill set. This can also be a brilliant avenue into identifying a proposed area of special study, e.g. taking a short course in agricultural health & safety could pique the interest of an OH student studying a broad H&S programme.
A career in OH can be as broad or as specialised as you make it. We can help boost your CV and maximise the effectiveness of your current skill set whilst offering great advice on new career paths and development opportunities.

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