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Health and Safety Jobs – Do you Qualify?

Considering the important role that health and safety and health and safety officer jobs play within the workplace, it is only natural that there can often be fairly stringent entry requirements for health and safety professions. However, should you meet them, a career in health and safety can be one of the most rewarding that there is.

Whilst a degree is not always essential for health and safety jobs, there is a definite move within the sector to only admit graduates – with the following degrees:

Occupational safety degrees: of course a degree in occupational safety is a great lead in to the health and safety jobs market, and bearing in mind that it is a discipline that will often require you to explain and advise companies and their employees on health and safety issues, an academic knowledge in the subject is desirable.

Engineering degree: depending on the kind of health & safety jobs you are attempting to enter, an engineering degree will often be a requirement; this is especially the case in regards to the more technical strands of health and safety, such as offshore health and safety.

Along with occupational safety degrees and engineering degrees, degrees in life sciences and health studies may also be accepted – again this will depend on your area of interest. Whatever area you choose, a career in health and safety jobs can be one of the most rewarding there is, both in financial terms and in regards to job satisfaction.

Health and Safety Jobs – Work that Really Matters

There aren’t many jobs where the positive effects of your profession are made tangible – however, along with jobs like nursing etc, the importance health & safety jobs is clear, and therefore health and safety presents a great career path for anyone that wants to do a job that matters.

Most pertinently, occupational health and safety jobs are still the vanguard against accident in the workplace, and therefore health and safety professionals have a real responsibility for the wellbeing of employees. With this in mind, health & safety jobs can be highly rewarding, and just knowing that day on day you are preventing accidents can be uplifting.

Of course, whilst the effect of health & safety jobs will be the same across sectors – i.e. preventing accidents – there are a great variety of occupational health and safety jobs out there which will require certain skills etc.

Generally, however, a health and safety officer will have to be able to identify things such as fire risk and COSHH risk, and ensure that not only are there any physical hazards in a workplace, but that importantly employees are equipped with the right knowledge to avoid any issues.

So, does the idea of holding a position of responsibility appeal to you? Then why not register with OS Recruitment, and see where a career in health and safety takes you, as with us you stand a great chance of finding your ideal placement – why? Well, we don’t just match you with clients, and instead we are committed to a holistic approach and providing you with interview techniques and other tips, that will help get you into that ideal health and safety job.

Health and Safety – Increased Importance

Generally, economies grow year on year, and in parallel so does industry, which means that the prevalence of manufacture etc looks set to increase. With this in mind, there will always be the need for health and safety jobs, as quite frankly without their expertise there would be chaos in the work-place.

In fact, to confound matters, not only is the industry growing, but with the rise of no win no fee compensation claims, businesses can be crippled by compensation claims – which nowadays are thriving. With this in mind, heath and safety jobs –  as well as providing an obvious practical function – are also your best protection against financial loss through compensation claims.

Whilst the role of health & safety jobs in providing a certain level of financial safety is an important one, the most important function of health and safety jobs is to protect people – the importance of this can’t be emphasized enough; and even though workplaces are incorporating more safety technology year on year, health and safety professionals –  and the guidance that they can communicate on a face to face basis – will be the most effective way to protect your employees for a long time to come.

With all this in mind, it is especially pertinent that you fill your health and safety jobs with the appropriate people, and in this regard OS Recruitment could be invaluable, able to match the specific criteria needed for your job to a massive database of registered candidates.

Os Recruitment – Beyond Recruitment

Whilst at OS recruitment we have a long and renowned history in filling health and safety vacancies, this is just one aspect of our impetus, and alongside our placement services, we also offer some additional services – such as fire risk assessments.

But what does our fire risk assessment involve? Well by choosing OS recruitment for your fire risk assessment, you are choosing wisely – as we use a thorough three stage process to ensure that your fire safety watertight.

Specifically, we will be able to identify particular areas of potential hazard, such as blocked passageways etc, and therefore provide you with the knowledge that you need to improve your fire safety; also, we will identify any people that are at risk, and therefore give you the knowledge that you need to assure the safety of your employees; and finally, we will advise you about improving your fire safety, and solving any potential areas of hazard.

Alongside our fire risk assessment services, we also offer COSHH identification & risk assessments which, briefly, will identify any areas of potential risk in regards to hazardous substances, and even advise your employees in regards to relevant safety information.

You might think that risk assessment has little to do with health and safety jobs, however it is in keeping with our holistic approach to filling health and safety vacancies – and a testament to the fact that even after the recruitment process we want to serve you and your staff – beyond filling health and safety jobs.

Os Recruitment – a Comprehensive Approach

In recognition of the challenges that can often inhibit the recruitment process, at OS Recruitment we are committed to offering a service that is comprehensive in its approach – ensuring that any issues that arise can be solved expediently. And considering that we are involved with health and safety jobs, we feel a special responsibility in optimising the recruitment process, and therefore like to think that we go the extra mile in regards to our customer service.

The cornerstone of our operations is our expertise, and through our long history – since 1959 in fact – we have learnt everything that there is to know in regards to recruitment for health & safety jobs, which means that our consultants have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, when advising you in regards to placement.

We also recognise that recruitment isn’t just a linear process, and that in fact there are many layers to successful recruitment services: for example, in regards to candidates for health and safety jobs we endeavour to maintain persistent contact and guidance – from writing CVs to preparation for interviews.

In regards to clients, we also take this holistic approach to recruitment, and our extensive database is able to search the exact criteria needed for a placement against the vast number of candidates registered on our system; –  but this isn’t all we do, and in order to ensure that you find the right people for your health & safety jobs, we will also assist you with writing effective job descriptions etc.

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